Through a video link today, on April 30, 2020, a meeting of the Board of Directors of the Association “Water Supplies of the Republic of Srpska” was held. The board members discussed the difficulties in operating water utilities in the current situation caused by the pandemic of the coronavirus.

The meeting discussed the preparation of a summary report on the losses of all water supply systems in Republika Srpska during March and April 2020. On the basis of this report, a request for assistance would be sent to the line ministry of the Government of Republika Srpska to remedy the effects of the coronary pandemic. An important topic of the meeting was the joint efforts of the line ministry and the association “Water Supply of RS” regarding amendments to the Rulebook on the method of calculating the water contribution, ie water compensation. The members of the Board of Directors were also informed about the application submitted to the Government of Republika Srpska in order to obtain the status of the Association of Special Interest in RS, as well as the drafting of the strategic and operational plan of the Association in order to sign a new contract with the international organization GIZ.