Today, May 28, 2021, the XIV session of the Management Board of the association “Vodovodi Republike Srpske” was held in Bjeljina. At today’s session, two important documents were discussed and adopted, namely the Report on the work and financial operations of the association “Vodovodi Republike Srpske” for 2020 and the Work Plan of the Association for 2021-2022. year. After these discussions, Zoran Popović, President of the Board of Directors of the Association, informed the audience about the special status of the Association according to the decision of the Government of Republika Srpska, the initiative for solar energy production – green energy, and at the request of UNDP, the initiative according to the Government of the RS for the acceleration of activities on the implementation of the World Bank project in the field of water services, and on the expressed interest of the Association to be involved in the implementation of activities within the MEG project. The last point referred to the provision of assistance necessary for repairing the damage to the facilities of the utility company from Kostajnica caused by the earthquake that hit the municipality of Kostajnica in December last year.