On Tuesday, October 8, 2019, the VII session of the Board of Directors of the Association of Water Suppliers of Republika Srpska was held in Doboj.

The meeting discussed the regulation for determining the basic price of water services. The draft decree was presented to the members of the Managing Board of the Association by prof. Branko Vucjak and Mrs. Alyssa Grabus, representatives of GOAL WASH project, now renamed GOAL WATERS project. The project has been implemented in Bosnia and Herzegovina since 2015, and activities are carried out through the UNDP office, while the UNDP – SIWI Water Management Fund at the International Water Institute in Stockholm is in charge of strategic coordination. So far, work has been completed to develop a methodology for determining the lowest cost of water supply and wastewater services. Testing of this methodology was carried out in the water supply systems Teslić, Tešanj, Trebinje, and Ljubuški, and an integrated report was made.

Mr. Zoran Popovic, President of the Managing Board of the Association, was informed about the meeting held on Tuesday, October 1st, 2019 with the World Bank, as well as about the MAL BiH WSS project.

The activities related to the change of the method of calculation of the contribution for the abstracted water by the Public Institution “Water of Srpska” were discussed, as well as the activities related to the VAT controls carried out by the Indirect Taxation Authority.

The members of the Managing Board were also informed about the conference “Municipal Services in BiH”, the RCDN project, and about the meeting of the Dialogue Platform.