Today, 01/31/2020. The eighth session of the Board of Directors of the Association “Water Supplies of Republika Srpska” in Jahorina was held on the year. The President of the Board of Directors of the Association, Mr. Zoran Popovic, informed the members present about the preparations for the forthcoming international conference called “Danube Water Forum 2020”. This conference will be held from 27-29. April 2020 in Banja Luka is the most significant event that brings together a large number of actors from the Danube basin water sector. In addition, Mr. Popovic informed the audience about the contracts for electricity consumption offered by Elektroprivreda Republika Srpska.

The report related to the realization of the project entitled: “Establishment of the Benchmarking Process for the Members of the Association” Water Supply of RS “- Implementation of Benchmarking with the DCM Platform for 2019” was presented by Ms. Branka Trninić. Following the Report, Ms. Trninić briefed attendees on the development of the Association’s Bulletin for 2019 and 2020, as well as on preparations for the 20th-anniversary conference “Water and Sewerage Systems in Climate Change”, which will be held from 26-28. May 2020 at Jahorina, Pale. Mr. Dino Vujicic addressed the participants in front of the Association of Water Supplies of the Republika Srpska and informed them about the activities and progress of the RCDN project related to capacity building of the Association.