Today, October 22, 2020, within the “Danube Water Program – DWP”, through the virtual Webeck platform, an initial meeting will be held on the topic “Capacity Building Program for Financing Water Supply and Sanitation Services at the Local Government Unit Level”. The meeting is organized by the World Bank, IAVD, and the Aquasan Network in BiH, and is funded by the Global Water Protection and Sanitation Program (GWSP).

The overall goal of this meeting is to ensure a common and proper understanding of the task of all parties involved in the above-mentioned Program. The specific objectives relate to clarifying details regarding the content and method, and to agreeing on the specific content of the Capacity Building Program for financing water supply and sanitation services at the level of the local self-government unit.

Representatives of the World Bank, D-LeaP, Aquasan Network in BiH, expert team, representatives of local self-government associations in FBiH and RS, as well as waterworks associations in FBiH and RS (UPKP FBiH and Vodovodi RS) took part in the meeting.