Within the project “Regional Network for the Development of Capacities for Water Supply and Sewerage (RCDN)”, today, February 4, 2021, a Memorandum of Cooperation was signed between the Association of Municipalities and Cities of Republika Srpska and the Association “Waterworks of Republika Srpska”.

The objectives of this Memorandum are::

  • influence on policy making and regulation in the field of water supply and wastewater treatment,
  • joint representation of interests before republic bodies, international and domestic organizations and institutions and joint institutions of BiH,
  • joint preparation and implementation of projects and other joint activities of interest to the signatories and their members,
  • networking and cooperation with associations and their members at the local and regional level and beyond, as well as encouraging and developing cooperation between local self-government units and water supply companies, and
  • strengthening the capacity of the Alliance and the Association through various forms of education in order to improve their own activities, as well as for the efficient use of EU funds and other international donors.

The signatories of the Memorandum are committed to the consistent realization of their set goals and tasks, and to improve their activities through joint cooperation, for the benefit of all citizens of the Republika Srpska.