Organized by the association “Vodovodi Republike Srpske” on Tuesday, June 30, 2020, in East Sarajevo, an exchange of experiences on the topic “Management of non-revenue water” is being held within the project “Regional Network for Capacity Development – RCDN”. Participants in today’s event are representatives of water supply companies, local self-government units, ie. competent departments for communal issues, then representatives of the associations “Aquasan Network in BiH” and “Vodovodi Republike Srpske”.

The general objectives of the exchange of experiences are to enable public water supply / utility companies and local self-government units in Republika Srpska to share experiences, improve work and increase capacities on non-revenue water management through formal exchange of knowledge and experiences based on capacity building product developed through RCDN project by “Aquasan Network in Bosnia and Herzegovina”.

The specific objectives of the exchange are:

– to consider the current situation regarding the management of non-revenue water in public water supply / utility companies, including the challenges they face as service providers and local self-government units as their founders, and to propose improvement measures;

– to present concrete examples of practices and experiences in public water supply / utility companies in the process of improving the management of non-revenue water, and the main benefits achieved through that process, and

– to contribute to the cooperation of participants through discussion, exchange of knowledge, experiences, and best practices.

The moderator of today’s event is Vesna Muslić on behalf of the association “Aquasan Network in BiH”.

Branka Trninić, coordinator in the RCDN project, will present a TNA analysis that deals with the state of losses in RS waterworks. This presentation will include basic data on water supply in RS, technical characteristics of water supply in RS, condition of non-revenue water and losses in water supply in RS, preconditions for management of non-revenue water and water losses, reasons that led to the current situation, and suggestions for management improvement. non-revenue water in RS.

In addition to this presentation, two more presentations will be held. One will deal with non-revenue water, ie. current situation, challenges, and possible solutions and will be held by Sead Badnjević, co-moderator of the Aquasan network in BiH. The second presentation will be a presentation of the situation regarding non-revenue water in the East Sarajevo Waterworks and will be held by Dejan Romić.