The International Association of Water Companies in the Danube Basin (IAWD) organized an introductory webinar on the UMT program today, May 18, 2021, via a video link. a program for new training in utility management. The UMT program is a collaboration of all participants in the water sector, and the main organizer is the IAWD. The program was then joined by the World Bank and the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration of the University of Sofia as institutional partners, Energie AG and Vodovod from Sofia as utility partners and a number of other competent partners, including Siemens, s :: can and others. The introductory webinar on the UMT program is designed for current and future participants of this program to get acquainted with the trainers and partners of the organizers, but also to present an updated overview of what is expected from the next eight webinars. The World Bank, with the support of the Global Partnership for Water Safety and Sanitation (GWSP), has launched a Scholarship Program to support participation in UMT. The scholarship, which covers 80% of the costs, is open and representatives of utility companies are invited to apply for a scholarship for co-financing that supports participation in the UMT program.