Tuesday and Wednesday, 08-09. In June 2021, an online “Conference on benchmarking in the water supply sector” will be held. This benchmarking conference is the third in a series of conferences aimed at strengthening the capacity of water supply actors in their ongoing efforts to improve their services.

The International Association of Waterworks in the Danube Basin (IAWD) has been building a network of waterworks for nine years dedicated to improving the provision of utilities through the exchange of knowledge and comparison with other utilities in the region. Using a newly developed platform to further strengthen exchanges between utilities, a new phase in the cooperation of water utilities participating in the program has been launched. Beginning in 2020, utilities faced a number of challenges as the COVID-19 pandemic resulted in constraints, leading to a number of uncertainties. Running a business in such conditions was difficult enough for everyone, especially for utility companies, which basically supply water to the population in cities or municipalities. Among other discoveries imposed by the pandemic, it has become apparent how and why rapid and continuous knowledge sharing through online collaboration between water utilities can be crucial to the safety of citizens, local communities, and the state as a whole.

In this context, the IAWD is starting a new cycle of benchmarking programs for water companies for 2021, which is focused on assessing data on the results achieved by utility companies in 2020. This program is open to all interested utility companies from the Danube region.