Water Supply Association of Republika Srpska organized a final workshop on benchmarking implementation using the DCM platform with the assistance of the World Bank – WB and the International Association of Water Companies in the Danube River Basin – IAWD, from 29 to 30 November 2019 in Mrakovica.

This workshop brought together water utilities from Republika Srpska who applied for participation in the project “Benchmarking Implementation with the DCM Platform 2018 – 2019” worth KM 33,136.85. The main objective of the project is to collect data and transfer knowledge, ie. improving the performance of the water sector and exchanging practices and experiences in companies, all through a program to strengthen the association “Water Supply of the Republika Srpska”. The methodology used during the project at the regional level is the EBC – benchmarking platform, while at the national level, the IBNET – DCM platform is used. The carrier of the educational activity is “Vodovod” a.d. Banja Luka and project managers are Branka Trninic, Miodrag Babic and Srdjan Kevac.